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To better explain the technology that increased the speed to become one of the most competitive host providers on the market, let’s use a real test of an actual website mounted on a HostGator cloud hosting service. According to this definition, cloud computing has five essential characteristics: • On-demand self-service • Broad network access • Multitenancy • Rapid elasticity • Measured service (pay as you go) NIST also describes four deployment models: • Private cloud-An organization operates a cloud for its own use. The cloud computing statistics also show the public cloud spend is growing three times faster than the private cloud usage. The prices are significantly higher if you opt for less than a three year subscription. The shared hosting plans start at $2.95/month for a three year subscription and might seem tempting because of the unmetered disk space and bandwidth. InMotion Hosting, like most web hosting companies, advertises unlimited disk space. The alternative is to opt for a web hosting solution, so that the task of setting up and maintaining the server is handled by professionals. Similarly, if a hardware malfunction or security issue arises, VPS hosting could require downtime to replace the hardware in the parent server or to patch the downed systems. This has been created version.

The Basic VPS plan will cost you $19.99/month with 1TB bandwidth and 40GB disk space. Unlike most other hosting providers which restrict the bandwidth or disk space, and also limit the number of websites you can host, the solitary shared hosting plan allows unlimited websites, email accounts along with unmetered bandwidth and disk space. Unfortunately, it only includes 1GB RAM, so you must opt for Business or Optimum plan if you need more RAM, disk space or processing power. The Website Backup & Restore add-on, which provides automatic daily backups and single-click restoration must be purchased at $1/month. Further, you get excellent 24/7 VIP customer support , Daily backups , and fully managed servers. This is because HostGator separately markets CodeGuardBasic service, at $2/month, which provides daily automatic backups, 1GB storage space, and three restorations per month. For instance, the Lite plan, at $2.49/month is stated to be meant for beginners and offers 10GB storage space, one free email address, a host of security tools such as DDoS protection, SSL certificate, malware protection and automatic backups, as well as marketing tools to help you promote your online venture.

Unlike many other hosting providers, Bluehost’s cheapest offerings are still rather impressive, and include 50GB storage space, free SSL certificate, free domain name (for the first year) and even free CDN, which most of its peers reserve for their premium plans. Once the users update their data over your website, it is automatically transferred to the cloud storage location from where you can access it anytime you wish to. As the focus is on speed and performance, A2Hosting also lets you choose the server location. A2 Hosting’s USP is its focus on performance and security. And in order to keep your data protected, you expend a large amount of money on security measures. Being a hosting service that’s easy to scale up, you can save money since you’re no longer paying for more than what you use. In further departure from the industry standard, iPage also publicises the use of CentOS 7 to power its VPS servers. Also, the shared hosting plan doesn’t provide cPanel control panel, which is only available in the VPS and dedicated hosting plans. With the exception of the cheapest shared hosting plan, all other plans include cPanel control panel.

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The shared hosting plans start at $1.99/month, if you purchase a three year subscription and goes upto $12.99/month for the costliest plan, which is geared towards large website owners that expect thousands of unique monthly visitors. The Power shared hosting plan targets websites that expect heavy traffic, while the Pro plan, at $12.99/month is meant for online stores. Also, the Lite, Launch and Power shared hosting plans only allow for a one, two or three year commitment, and it’s not possible to buy a monthly subscription for these plans. Also, while the shared hosting plans are cheapest when you purchase a three year subscription, future renewals are far more expensive. Trial with $200 of credit – Use the credit to purchase any of the trial products and try them out for 30 days. This ensures you’ll never pay for more than what you use over the course of the period. You’ll also have to bear the responsibility of applying security patches, updating and securing essential components such as PHP, etc. Even after all that, you are also responsible for the operating system as well as all the other software that’s installed on the server, and have to ensure the safety and security of your data. This done with  .

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