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ScalaHosting is an independent US-based hosting provider that offers Managed Cloud VPS (starting at $9.95 per month). HostGator is a Houston-based hosting services provider that offers three VPS Hosting plans for dedicated control & functionality. Increased Storage- Cloud offers virtually unlimited storage compared to server and hard drives. Plus, it allows you to build your own cloud VPS configuration with up to 25 Cores, 128 GB of RAM, and 500 GB SSD space. The top-most plan provides 4 Cores, 120 GB SSD Storage, 8 GB RAM, 3 TB Bandwidth, and 2 IP Addresses. Bluehost is one of the 20 largest web hosting platforms that provides three VPS hosting plans using all SSD storage. Bluehost also provides KVM hypervisor for optimal performance at peak traffic. What’s more, they also promise to pay credit worth one month if their uptime guarantee drops below 99.90%. Plus, it provides an extensive knowledge base and 24/7 support via phone, email, and live chat. So, you can get back your money within a month if you don’t find the services up to the mark. Get started with ScalaHosting. Get started with DreamHost. Get started with InMotion Hosting. This hosting on a “cloud” of servers has become very popular with large internet companies since they no longer have to worry about hardware performances and they can concentrate more on content creation to bring in more visitors. This post has been written by version!

Plus, all its SSD cloud servers run on dual power supplies, a dual CPU E5 Intel Xeon with a minimum of 256 GB RAM, and redundant network uplinks. The Enterprise plan offers up to 6 CPU Core, 8 GB RAM, and 80 GB SSD. It offers free account migration. DigitalOcean provides numerous configuration options with 1 – 32 virtual CPUs, SSD-based storage, and many additional free services. The premium most plan provides up to 8GB RAM, 260GB Storage, and 6TB Bandwidth. Unlike some competitors, lower-layer plans don’t have stupid restrictions to force upgrades (such as one FTP account or 10 emails), and a full business plan doesn’t. The business can then purchase computing power that is commensurate to its needs. They claim to provide 100% managed VPS hosting that gives you increased power and control over your websites. The use of multiple servers help in the processing power of websites and a new server can always be added to upgrade the growth and production d by viewers of the website. FTP can be used to publish your website source files or to simply access your server files such as images, documents, etc… Use file transfer protocol (FTP) to download, upload, or modify files on your VPS. This content was written by  

On the other hand, Self-Managed Cloud VPS hosting plans are ideal for system administrators and developers. Setting up good hosting solutions can reduce, or even remove, this problem. Keep all your files safe even after giving employees access to data. My website is hosted in a data center that’s located in the US, so the quickest load time is expected in the US – with the Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) at only 431ms. And let me tell you one thing, this time is really impressive. This time website performance should be well. Latest posts include Cloud Innovations Empowering IT for Business Transformation and New Security, Performance and ISV Solutions Build on Azure HDInsight’s Leadership to Make Hadoop Enterprise-Ready for the Cloud. For developers of SaaS applications, the hosting and server management required to keep near-100% uptime is a critical part of the business and IT planning. LAMP Stack – The LAMP Stack feature helps you upgrade from shared to VPS hosting, create websites & web applications, and maintain familiarity. This is what every blog should have, daily backup is a must-have feature in today’s web hosting and security industry. Shared hosting has multiple websites on a single server sharing resources.

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The applications or websites are not deployed on a single server but on a network of interconnected virtual and physical cloud servers which ensures better scalability and flexibility. Prevents a single point of failure. There are instances where the cloud model is not about being the right fit, it may reach a point where you have to examine the cost of outsourcing cloud services equals the benefit and returns to the business. The service which is great for your business will hinge on your needs. While you will end up spending a little bit more, the ROI is worth every cent you spend. So if you’re looking for a quick summary, do jump to the conclusion at the end. It provides quick integration with WordPress, Django, Java, Magento, Node.js, and more. It also provides integrated DDoS security. SiteLock – Protect your websites against malware and attacks by identifying and fixing security vulnerabilities beforehand. Mask the personal information related to your domain to prevent spam, identity theft, and phishing attacks. It comes powered with SShield that monitors your website round the clock and blocks over 99 percent attacks.

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