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For example, if you use shared hosting and your server goes down, your website is entirely out of luck. Wikibon is a community of practitioners and consultants on technology for business systems that use open source sharing of free advisory knowledge. It has some of the most prominent technology authors on cloud computing which makes CloudTweaks blogs more relevant, topical and trendy. But it gives you more time and peace of mind to focus on your core business and marketing, rather than technical jobs. Cloud computing allows businesses to focus on its core competencies. This allows for more flexibility. Moreover, you will not have forced ads and allows you to bring your domain name or pick a free subdomain name from over 25 domain extensions. The other websites cannot cause a strain in your website’s resources and your website, even if it is under shared hosting, will not suffer interruption. Cisco has an Alexa global ranking of 760. DevOps engineers, IT managers, and cloud practitioners will benefit the most from this blog. Founded on 1st April 1991 with a current Alexa ranking of 3203, ZDNet is a business technology news website published by CBS Interactive. With an impressive Alexa global ranking of 504, IBM provides a plethora of insights and news from the cloud industry.

TechCrunch focuses on publishing news specific to the technology industry. TechCrunch is the holy grail for IT CXOs and cloud managers. The blog highlights interviews with CXOs and leaders on cloud strategies and best practices. TechRepublic publishes content designed to help IT professionals determine quality cloud technologies and strategies. You can also find cloud success stories, cloud strategies by industry experts and latest tools to explore for your business on cloud. I wanted to share my list of the best 20 cloud blogs, that can help everyone from a noob to an industry expert stay up to date with all the latest insights, news, and releases. It has blogs on cloud technology with insightful information and expert op-eds. The online publication was started as a general interest technology portal from Ziff Davis. It compares itself to technology research services such as Gartner and International Data Corporation. Of almost ten thousand people questioned in more than thirty countries, just over half (53%) of British respondents admitted a willingness to use cloud services, compared to an average of 65% of global respondents that utilised this new data storage system.

Since the beginning of the year (2011), the use of virtual servers in businesses has increased considerably. You can even either increase or even decrease the resources without removing sites on to other servers. Cloud hosting works fine for numerous websites but for larger projects, fixed resources may be a problem. It has a ton of apples (resources) which anyone can pick from. They can scale up or down as per immediate demand. Cloudways offers multiple plan options for each infrastructure provider, and you can choose to pay either hourly or monthly depending on the scale of your project. The ability to scale per need rapidly is one of the main benefits of Cloud Computing. This magazine is your one stop solution for all the UK cloud computing news. Cloud Servers are a turnkey, scalable cPanel solution powered by OpenStack. Choosing this solution also provides a company with complete ownership of their entire digital infrastructure, rather than renting hardware space from an unknowing third party. Perhaps the reason HP is on this list is because it has the entire necessary IT infrastructure to claim a top place in the market if it can deliver satisfactorily. Top leadership interviews from CXOs. Content was created with the!

ZDNet’s cloud blogs are aimed at CXOs. Theoretically this is a service provided by a network of servers that are located at different geographically separated places. These are actually not located on any physical location and the best advantage of cloud servers is that, they can be scaled or moved anywhere. If you are a cloud practitioner, this is your go to place to gather all the latest cloud digests you would need. The inherently flexible nature of cloud means it continues to develop and evolve. Channel Futures provides the latest news, case studies, and research on several areas of tech, including cloud computing. Thoughts on Cloud provides information on latest integrations for better cloud performance. The information here is mainly focused on stacks, dockers, containers, and DevOps. The blog provides valuable information about on-the-job best practices and solutions for the DevOps world. Because cloud computing is such a hot topic now, those interested in it want places to find the latest cloud news and information. It also gives information about IBM’s Watson application. It gives you the latest news on cloud economics and innovation. This has been d by  !

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