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Rather, we feel that the pricing structure takes advantage of honest customers and site owners needing a long-term dedicated hosting solution without any reason to justify it. It takes time to get accustomed to the accounting s/w. Not only is this not an “elite” plan under current industry standards, site owners can get more value with a similarly priced VPS or cloud hosting plan at other companies. At $89 per month and $100 more for renewal fees, site owners simply get more value with a comparable VPS plan providing the same tools and options, or a “pay-as-you-go” cloud plan that can scale to multiple server instances if a site exceeds the server limits. Instead of going through plenty of blogs and different videos on YouTube, go with this course, and you’ll get what you were expecting. You won’t have to pay extra for data recovery and backup, and you’ll ease the burden on your company’s IT staff. Similarly, where HostGator’s Pro plan requires more than $1500 per year in upfront payment to lock in the introductory price, few businesses would be wise to pay $4500 in advance for 3 years on this framework when there is so much innovation and price competition in the industry. generated   .

The included Reseller Club and WHM accounts do make this plan one of the best values offered by HostGator in their dedicated server line, but only if you are willing to pay over $1300 per year upfront. Business Plan – $9.95 per month. The problem is that if you do not do that, the account will renew at $329 per month costing almost $4,000 per year when paid month-to-month. Once you purchase a plan from HostGator, you can login to the HostGator Customer Portal, which is essentially their account management panel where you can access your hosting account and billing, or add new packages and get technical support. Free SSL, CDN, and Domain: You get a free domain name, SSL, and CDN integration with all accounts. For Linux plans, HostGator uses cPanel, which is the industry standard control panel for web server administration and domain management. Servers: HostGator uses different server architecture for all of its web hosting plans.

Since it was acquired by EIG in 2012, HostGator lost some of its reputation as HostGator customers experienced an increase in downtime with several major outages. Most of the issues stemmed from outages at their Provo, Utah data center. Their Houston data center is huge with over 300,000 sqft of space. While some may see it as a discount for new accounts, we view this as a type of price gouging which seriously impacts the ability of companies to stay with HostGator over the long term. While it can’t power a truly high-traffic website, it does offer one of the more generous plans when compared to other full-featured free WordPress hosts. While this is certainly one way to go, it definitely isn’t the most cost effective. The Elite plan is made available by HostGator with a quad-core Xeon chip and 8 GB of RAM at $108.98 per month, but the renewal cost is $229 per month. This includes the connection to the high speed, fiber optic internet backbone connections in Tier-1 and Tier-2 companies, the experience and expertise of the hired staff who manage the servers, as well as the platform innovation in dynamic routing, traffic management, database optimization, etc. Otherwise, the hardware is made available by manufacturers at fixed prices where a single rackmount server will often cost the same or less than the monthly cost to lease the unit.

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All of the major web hosting companies receive bulk discounts on purchasing the hardware. And some offer a month-to-month option, but also offer significant discounts if you commit to a year’s subscription right off the bat. The Right Networks platform is extremely scalable, with three standard plans. It’s hardly scalable, so once you get some traffic, your website is going to grind to a halt. If you want more than one staff member to be working on the software, you can get a multi-user license. Shortage of resources, storage devices, expensive assets and talented staff has prompted many businesses to look to more secure solution such as hosting. Therefore, we would advise most businesses and independent developers to stay away from HostGator’s dedicated server plans and go with another company instead. Despite the limitation to either one or five domains on the account plans, we feel that HostGator’s Windows platform is competent, industry standard, and affordable for both developers and businesses to use effectively. The inclusion of a shared SSL/TLS certificate guarantees that you will be able to support older Windows browsers in web development. Dedicated hosting is the second type of web hosting, where hosting providers provide a dedicated server to you to host your website.

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