Marriage And Cloud Hosting Providers Have More In Common Than You Think

I’ve already mentioned a few security features already, such as PHP 7, SSH and SSL, but both providers also have extra tools to keep your site safe. I’ve tried it with both, and it’s nice and easy enough. This is a nice freebie with all their plans, and HTTP/2 is included by default. A few notes on the technology: while both providers use SSD disks for storage, HostGator’s slower speed could be blamed on PHP7, which they keep by default instead of the faster and more modern PHP8. HostGator also offers SSL with all their plans, but HTTP/2 isn’t what they use, which could impact your website’s speed (more on that later). SiteGround gives you free registration with Let’s Encrypt for SSL. As previously mentioned, HostGator also doesn’t have HTTP/2, while SiteGround gives it to you by default, along with dynamic caching (for WordPress). When it comes to SEO and user experience, this gives you a clear competitive advantage. Sage on cloud is accessible anytime anywhere as per user preference. The shared web hosting solution has 3 plans under it, targeted at different user categories. Top-tier SiteGround hosting plans come with git-repositories installed (for version control), which developer teams may find useful.

The service also allows individual backups to be configured per installed application, and it is available for all cPanel accounts created on our Managed Cloud SSD VPS hosting solution. Cloud hosting providers subject to EU law must act in accordance with the GDPR. One prime element of any disaster recovery plan must be the utilization of cloud hosting for regular functions and the usage of disaster recovery. There are many different aspects of cloud services that determine the cost of your plan. The All-Access plan is included free with shared hosting plans. With SiteGround, you’ll have to purchase a domain name yourself, as it’s not included in their plans. You can link one domain name with the entry plan, and unlimited domains and subdomains with the other plans. Notification that even though both plans cost the same, the Option Strategy then defaults to $14.99 per month, normal price, after the set quantity of years you’ve chosen. If you need to buy additional domain names, these cost $12.95 the first year, but the price shoots up to $17.99 the subsequent years. They do have a free and convenient plugin, but this one only works if you need to migrate a WordPress site (also, I didn’t have a lot of luck when I tried it).

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HostGator offers a free domain the first year with its shared hosting plans. While both SiteGround and HostGator have dedicated WordPress plans (which are optimized for the CMS platform), you can still install it on a shared hosting plan in one click. You can get an email notification if it does, and take the right action straight away, and it costs $1.50 a month. There are three tiers starting from $2.50 a month. Over $50 per cloud server per month is towards meaningless and that is where Cloud Server sucks and there are cheap dedicated servers. Here is a Comparison Between Cloud Hosting vs Dedicated Server vs Colocation Hosting in Plain English. The included Reseller Club and WHM accounts do make this plan one of the best values offered by HostGator in their dedicated server line, but only if you are willing to pay over $1300 per year upfront. Winner: I don’t love how you have to pay extra for these security features here.

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Smart automatic system and plugin updates: so you don’t need to manually keep track of your WordPress and plugin versions. It allows more visitors than most websites need. If you need email, SiteGround has got you covered with unlimited accounts. In terms of availability, both SiteGround and HostGator offer 24-hour live chat, email and phone support. Winner: Both SiteGround and HostGator should offer enough for most users when it comes to adding email accounts. The products HostGator does offer are surprisingly capable, though, especially at the budget end of the range. But HostGator is also fantastic, at least in recent times. Hostinger with its Cloud platform, guarantees hosting up to 3x times that other providers and with dedicated resource for their servers. Quoting is therefore more effective with real time data which is also cloud based and centrally located and catered to clients and vendors at all times through password protected login. Now it’s time to give our review after testing the cloud hosting. Once more than 30 concurrent users start browsing the site, the overall response time jumps. After monitoring their online time for a few years, it’s yet to drop below 99.98%. In fact, they guarantee a 99.9% uptime with potential refunds, so they do put their money where their mouth is.

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