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In practice, Cloudways enables you to set up a WordPress website using your cloud provider of choice in a matter of minutes. For the company who uses a decent amount of resources and receives a decent amount of traffic to their website, a virtual private server, i.e. Cloud Hosting, might be your best choice. For the company who is just starting off or for the blogger who uses limited resources, a shared hosting environment might be the best choice. Whereas on cloud hosting, it is naturally in a network environment with other cloud infrastructures and the environment is simple to set up. On the other hand, scalability in dedicated server solutions means the user can scale their needs up or down within the dedicated server environment they have purchased. Overall, I found cloud hosting as the winning option, because you do not have to worry that your website will go down at any moment, and your targeted audience is assured of a better user experience.

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Slower performance – Sharing your resources with others, you can never be too sure if another user is taking too much and slowing down your site performance. DreamHost offers stellar month-to-month pricing along with very solid hosting performance. When it comes to picking your web hosting solution of choice, you have options. Lastly, you will learn about dedicated hosting, which is the highest performance hosting you can buy – though it comes with its own pros and cons. The main difference is that private will give you better security and privacy. This means, being that dedicated servers operate independently, users can install their own security measures to insure server protection. Along with that, you get unlimited MySQL Databases, full root access, and unlimited SFTP users. Full billing transparency: access and predict your costs as an aggregate or per-minute amount, based on your use. All plans give you a discount for annual billing over monthly payments. But a word of caution: in the United States alone, there are over 2300 cloud hosting companies representing almost $40 billion in total revenue. Given that over 37% of the web is built on the WordPress platform, some web hosting providers have created an option that is customized for WordPress complete with easy 1-click installation of WordPress as well as dedicated customer support.

Fully-Managed – includes a user-friendly control panel (e.g. cPanel) and full support for all control panel services. A dedicated server is a self-contained physical unit that includes all of the necessary hardware for a business to host their product. As the name implies, this unit is “dedicated” to a single host allowing for maximum control and configurability. On the other hand, as Cloud hosting servers operate within a single server, the chance for security intrusions are higher than their dedicated server brethren. The differences between dedicated server solutions and Cloud hosting services are numerous however none are more prominent than scalability, division of resources, security and price. Desktop Cloud Computing places your applications and desktops in highly-secured datacenters where your consumers can access it using any device by simply logging in with their credentials , giving them the freedom to work wherever and whenever they need to – all with an uncompromised performance and user experience that’s as good as or even better than a traditional desktop. If your website is small and the aim is fast launch, as opposed to scalability, a VPS server will be a good option.

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Global data centers and up to 40 GbE hypervisor connectors are also made available to you, making sure you can guarantee fast website load times for your global audience. This helps make sure your website always stays fast and secure. It generally limits users to upload files through SFTP or FTP, prevents shell access, restricts the programs that you can run on the service, and limit the level of database access that your website can perform. If you need access to dedicated servers and seamless services, I would recommend that you give this platform a try. As we’ve previously covered, Dedicated Servers and Cloud Servers are widely utilized by companies who need reliability and performance (see our Hosting Comparison article). With Cloud Servers scalability means only paying for the resources you need. Somewhat like shared hosting environments, Cloud hosting solutions (VPS) are packed into a server to maximize the amount of clients a provider can have on that server. The servers’ resources are set from provisioning.

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