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Although adding an AWS EC2 or Amazon Lightsail instance to SpinupWP isn’t quite as streamlined as DigitalOcean, it’s still possible. I’m also going to be using Amazon Lightsail in this article. In this article, I’m going to cover five of the most popular: DigitalOcean, Linode, Vultr, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud. To benchmark the above server providers’ performance, I’m going to provision a server on each provider. To know whether the service provider of web hosting is one of the best a few factors has to be taken into consideration. We often get asked which server provider we recommend customers use for hosting WordPress in conjunction with SpinupWP. Managed WordPress hosting: Most WordPress hosting plans are a form of managed hosting, where you get to outsource a lot of the technical work of web hosting to your provider. With a dedicated bare metal hosting setup, you have the security benefits of having a physical server. This has been generated   .

One way to avail of many of the benefits mentioned above is to opt for a private cloud hosting setup. It is easy to setup WordPress on HostGator even in case you do not follow the managed-WordPress route. Should be enough for most WordPress sites. HostGator’s WordPress cloud hosting claims to offer up to 2.5x faster speeds than the competition thanks to low-density servers and custom Content Delivery Networks (CDN) solutions. An application hosting service provider that makes use of the state of the art cloud computing technology in order to host MS Project management software provides anywhere and anytime accessibility to its clients via the help of the Internet. It includes a customer management systems, and online chats with experts in order to resolve any issues.. The Starter plan includes 1 website that you can host, 1 free domain, 100 GB storage, Unmetered Bandwidth, 2 GB Ram and 2 core processor.

Together with all these great features, you will have access to many other convenient tools such as ready-to-install CMS platforms, free credits for Google AdWords, website designers, and the like. VPS hosting separates a server into different virtual servers, in which every website has its own dedicated server but in truth, they are sharing a server with a number of other users. That means only data and applications are hosted on the server and nobody else – except your web hosting company, should they be instructed to do so – will be accessing the server. Anytime, Anyplace Access: The hosted Quicken gives you anytime, anywhere access to your accounting data and accessibility without fail. Unlike large enterprises, SMBs generally do not have access to independent developer resources. You also have the option of deciding which game to install, which version of it, and which mods. Vultr is a relatively new VPS provider compared to the competition, but they’ve become a popular option over the last few years.

Over the last few years they’ve slowly rolled out their newer more modern cloud manager, but it’s still somewhat behind DigitalOcean. Interest in the topic “HostGator” has been consistently above average since last year with just a negligible dip in interest during December 2019 that quickly recovered at the beginning of 2020. Since January 2020, interest in HostGator has been fairly high and reached its zenith last month. It shows the average page load speed that 3.39 second. With Cloud hosting, you can experience more agile speed and a huge online storage environment to store high quality content, including files, databases, and much more. Your website’s speed is also essential for how well it is ranked by Google. Although both AWS and Google Cloud provide a full spectrum of cloud computing services, we’ll be looking at which provider is best for hosting WordPress on a single server and not considering other services such as load balancers, managed databases, or object storage. WooCommerce is another popular e-commerce platform supported by Cloudways hosting.

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