Why My Cloud Hosting Plans Is healthier Than Yours

I mean, right now I’m subscribed to a HostGator plan from years ago where I pay $12 a month – I’ve been too lazy to switch away! Taking a look a the above plans we can see right away that the pricing is pretty affordable. For example, customers may have to use the web hosting service provider for only 3 years until they become eligible for the promotion pricing reflected on their website. In the first ten years of its existence, the company built a very solid reputation which attracted the attention of EIG. Web hosting service providers can also trick customers by only offering these low prices and fees for the first initial term of one of their plans, especially their best-value plans (in HostGator.com’s case, their highly recommended Standard Plan). When initially signing up, if customers want a true monthly or annual plan with the low promotional pricing and fees reflected on the website, then those pricing and fees may jump anywhere from 50% to 150% higher.

Once the term expires and it’s time to renew the plan, pricing could revert back to their “normal” or true amount which, again, could be double or triple the promotional price reflected on the website. Other features include: unmetered disk space and bandwidth which comes with no limitation placed on the amount and or size of files directly relating to your website, as well as no limitations on data transfer; free website building tools that include thousands of website templates and the latest in drag and drop building tools; an easy to use control panel or cPanel that is claimed to be the most popular in the world; the ability to create as many email addresses and email forwards as one needs thanks to the unlimited email address feature that is included in nearly all hosting plans offered on the site; technical support that is available 24/7/365 to assist via multiple different channels like email, live chat, and telephone; and 45-day money back guarantee in the event of customer satisfaction within the first 45 days after the initial purchase of a plan. These two plans pale in comparison to HostGator.com’s $7.95 per month Standard Plan with 150GB of storage offered as well as an unlimited amount of user email addresses to accommodate. This generated with version.

HostGator.com’s Standard Plan beats out the personal plans on both platforms, with WP Engine offering plans for over $29 per month with only 10GB of storage offered, and Media Temple offering plans for over $20 per month with only 20GB of storage offered, and neither plans offering to host email addresses. Users will also have complete and total control over their usage and with no surprises either. WordPress Cloud Hosting on HostGator comes with over two. But it is important to compare the features of the installed software and the cloud software. But again, if you are someone who is trying to find the best web hosting service provider for you and your online business’ needs, then it is good to research and compare different web hosting service providers to see which one best suits your needs and is the best fit for you and your online business. For best performance and as the business grows you can update your plan to Supersonic 8 which costs $34.99 per month. The top three winners of the best web hosting service providers of 2017 were, in order, SiteGround, IPage, and BlueHost. Experienced host providers handle everything related to software updates and hardware upgrades, thereby relieving you from the task of dealing with complicated technical issues at your end.

HostGator.com’s technical and customer support team provides users with real-time answers and are always available by phone, 24/7 and 365 days a year. Despite having customer and technical support that is available by phone 24/7/365, many customers complained that they had to wait anywhere between 10 to 20 minutes just to connect with somebody. Another common complaint found in customer reviews regarding the quality of HostGator.com’s support services for WordPress Cloud hosting was the amount of time that customers have to wait to connect with a member of the support team. Uptime refers to the amount of time in which a technological device like a computer is in operation, and having bad uptime means that the platform was harder to manage and operate after a certain length of time. The uptime is only 99.85%. There were also two common complaints found in most customer reviews in regards to payment for the plans. They tell you the cost, the bandwidth given, uptime — any information you might need to figure out which cloud hosting site is best for you. This is a great feature and will give you, as a customer, the feeling of security you should have in running your web site on a cloud.

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